Dear compatriots!

Esteemed guests!

In these fabulous days filled with sunny warmth, when the nature awakens, the breath of spring is felt more plainly, when our wonderful land is dressed with green attire, I take a great pleasure to congratulate you, my dear friends, and the entire people of Uzbekistan, fr om the bottom of my heart, on the holiday of Navruz, a holiday of rebirth and rejuvenation.

For all of us, the Navruz is the start of a new year in the Eastern calendar, a symbol of noble aspirations and hopes for a rich harvest, abundance and prosperity, the most ancient, the most favorite holiday of our people, the one free of any political trends, an integral part of our spirituality and national values.

As far back as millennia ago, when Avesto came into being, our forefathers used to celebrate the coming of the new year – Navruz, by feeling themselves part of the nature, in such blissful spring days as we have right now, on the banks of Sirdarya and Amudarya, in wide spaces, in urban and rural areas of Turan. It was this period of the year when they used to start field works, sow the seeds in the blessed soil, and wished one another peace and prosperity, inspired by gracious thoughts and dreams.

The spirit and philosophy of the Navruz has always facilitated human life in harmony with native land and nature, the awakening of aspiration in the soul of everyone, irrespective of their ethnic origin and faith, for creation and wellbeing, consolidation of harmony and unity in society.

All this is being confirmed clearly today when the residents of our country are celebrating the Navruz with great joy and folk festivities, diverse performances; they enrich the table with traditional spring meals of sumalak, halim, kuk-somsa, gujja and the like.

The fine qualities distinct in our people – kindness and compassion, care and consideration to the honored aksakals and mothers, to those in need of support, the disabled, the orphans, the low-income families – are manifest even brighter in these days and are omnipresent.

These are the very reasons we look forward for this vivid and magnificent holiday, try to reveal our most splendid and infinite happiness.

This is the very reason why both in the antiquity and in the recent past, the evil forces, however formidable, failed to deprive us, our people from the Navruz.

One can state for sure, without any doubt, that owing primarily to the will and determination of the people, to its resolution to preserve its customs and traditions, the unfading values of ancestors, the Navruz has been endowing us with its vital force and beauty even today – across millennia.

I believe I will be voicing your common view, dear compatriots, if I say that our hearts are overfilled with a sense of tremendous pride for we are posterity and heirs of so great a people who values its virtue and honor, its national self-consciousness.

Dear friends!

Naturally, past the long and severe winter, every person is as if born anew, discovers the environment differently by feeling the tender warmth of sunray, by inhaling a light, clear spring air.

Indeed, all of us are meeting the current spring with greatest ever delight, special mood, and are confident that we will further also the set out high goals in 2012 announced as the Year of Family in our country. 

The noble undertakings, wide-ranging reforms on democratization and liberalization of society will be continued, while the level of welfare and quality of life is to grow thanks to mounting population incomes, pensions, allowances, stipends.

Our people have from ancient times compared youth to spring, planted trees and gardens with kind thoughts about the future of their children. Today, looking at these energetic, goal-minded youths who have gathered here in this beautiful park wh ere we are inspired by the image of the great Alisher Navoi, I would like to say:

Our dear and sacred Motherland believes in every one of you.

May this high confidence always inspire you and lend you power. And try to be always worth that trust, my dear kids!

Taking this opportunity, on this marvelous holiday, we cordially greet and express our kindest wishes to all our friends and partners, nations and peoples in near and far abroad, who have been cooperating with us and supporting our country on its path of dynamic development.

Allow me to convey gratitude to the respected ambassadors of foreign nations, representatives of international institutions present here, all the partners, overseas friends, and congratulate them sincerely on the Navruz holiday.

Dear compatriots!

I would like to express again my deep respect and earnest wishes to you who have gathered at this brilliant and glorious square, and to all our people in your person.

May peace and harmony, prosperity and abundance reign in every family and entire country!

I wish happiness and sound health to you all!

May the Almighty protect our people and country from various misfortunes and disasters!

Happy Navruz, my dear friends!

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Today: 08.08.2020
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