President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov delivered a greeting address at Navruz festive celebrations on March 19 at Tashkent’s Alisher Navoi National Park.

Following is the text of speech.

Dear compatriots!

Esteemed guests!

In these wondrous days, when the nature awakens, our entire people – be it elderly or young – meet the resplendent and much-longed-for holiday, a symbol of spring and renewal, with an open soul and a sense of infinite joy, with the words “Welcome Navruz to our land!”

It gives me a great pleasure to sincerely, from the bottom of my heart, congratulate you, my dearest – and the entire people of Uzbekistan – on the fabulous holiday of Navruz and express my deep respect and the kindest of my wishes to you!

Dear friends!

A natural question arises as to why we always look forward to meeting Navruz with special awe and impatience, and why it has become the most favorite and venerated holiday for every one of us.

I feel convinced that you will agree with me if I say that Navruz is the most ancient, a truly national holiday, a celebration free of any ideological and political spirit, a day epitomizing our customs and traditions as well as the eternal values of our people.

With its humanistic spirit and ideas, this festival is dear and close to the heart of every person who wills to live in harmony by feeling himself and herself an indispensable piece of the native land, of the surrounding world, by sensing and gently cherishing the splendor of the nature.

Navruz is fully tuneful with fundamental views of our nation as people forsake mutual grudges and odds, and as we lift our appreciation – as a priceless wealth – of the peaceful and harmonious life, of the friendship and cohesion, of the mutual respect and unity among people of diverse ethnic backgrounds.

Thanks to the deep meaning and essence of Navruz that embodies abundance, prosperity and compassion, we look forward to marking the New Year by the Eastern calendar, the vernal equinox, every time with the kindest of hopes. Hence we celebrate it widely and with delight as a nationwide holiday, with great festivities.

One can see the bright confirmation of this belief today, when our compatriots celebrate Navruz on the spaces of valleys covered with green ‘carpet’ and on the emerald flanks of hills, with street festivities and a great variety of performances, competitions in national kurash and uloq-kupkari, with a profuse dastarkhan plenty of traditional spring meals like the sumalak, khalim, kuk-somsa and many others.

People at this marvelous time share their elation of the holiday with their family, friends and relatives and display such noble qualities as kindness and generosity, selfless help for the sick and the lonely and all those in need of support, and seek to earn blessings of the honored aksakals and mothers.

All those who live on the sacred and fertile land of Uzbekistan, irrespective of their ethnic origin, their language and faith, celebrate Navruz as a native holiday with an elevated mood and great enthusiasm.

On this cheerful day, allow me on behalf of our entire people to greet and express profound gratitude to ambassadors of other nations and representatives of international institutions, all foreign partners and friends, all our dear guests who, by conveying their immense respect for the people of Uzbekistan, are attending the Navruz festive event on this dazzling square.

Dear compatriots!

I would like to express at these brilliant moments my deepest deference and heartfelt love for you, my dear, who are present here, and in your person to all our esteemed veterans, mothers and sisters, to our energetic and goal-inspired youths who are the backbone and hope of the nation.

Hugging emotionally all of you, I congratulate you time and again on today’s startling spring holiday and express my sincerest wishes.

May Navruz bring happiness and sound health, affluence and abundance to every family, peace and progress to our native Uzbekistan in the Year of Wellbeing and Prosperity!

May our all gracious aspirations and thoughts, fine hopes and dreams come true!

Happy Navruz, my dear friends!

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Today: 08.08.2020
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