Islam Karimov visits International Forums Palace
Islam Karimov visits International Forums Palace President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov on 28 August familiarized himself with the International Forums Palace “Uzbekistan” built in the center of Tashkent.

The construction of the palace started in 2008 in accordance with the resolution of the head of the state.

The palace is meant to be the place for holding large international forums, cultural and other events.

The building of the palace embodies national and modern architectural style. It has a dome with a diameter of 53 meters and marble columns on the sides.

Getting acquainted with the palace, Islam Karimov said the national style was in harmony with the modern architectural solutions.

“The ‘Uzbekistan’ Palace is yet another symbol of the creative potential of our people,” the President said. “Each building in any city and especially in the capital has to comply with that city’s architecture, and this aspect was taken into consideration while building the palace.”

“The buildings we raise – be it administrative, educational, healthcare of residential buildings – have to serve not only us, but also future generations,” the head of the state added.

The height of the palace, built by Neftgazmontaj joint venture according to the project by Tashgiprogor, is 48 meters. It has a conference hall for 300 seats, a banquet hall for the same number of people and a large hall for 1,800 seats.

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Today: 04.08.2020
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