Uzbekistan celebrates Independence Day

The celebrations of the 18th anniversary of independence of Uzbekistan were held on 31 August at the National park named after Alisher Navoi in Tashkent.

President Islam Karimov participated in the celebrations. The head of the state congratulated the people of Uzbekistan with the national holiday.

The state anthem of Uzbekistan is played. The songs and melodies played at the square in the national park reflect 18 years of independent development, and the dreams and aspirations of the people.

Over this short period of time, Uzbekistan has passed a great way of development, which can be compared to centuries.

A significant work has been carried out in the country to build a democratic state and form a just civil society.

Thanks to political stability and favorable investment climate, foreign states consider Uzbekistan a reliable partner, and international experts evaluate the Uzbek model of development as successful.

The process of structural reforms and active investment policy, as well as industrial modernization and diversification program has ensured stable economic growth at the time when many countries are experiencing serious economic crisis.

Uzbekistan is currently implementing almost 670 industrial and infrastructural investment projects in the priority sectors. Over 190 new industrial objects were launched in the country in the first half of 2009.

The state is providing constant support to small business and farmers, while the social policy is aimed at stimulating employment and increasing the people’s incomes.

Development of transport infrastructure is another area the government is paying special attention. The 2007-2010 automobile roads development program will ensure reliable communication among all regions of the country.

On the eve of the 18th independence anniversary, passenger trains started traveling along the new Tashguzar-Baysun-Kumkurgan railway line, launched in 2007.

Creation of the free industrial economic zone in Navoi region and setting up the international logistics center here opens huge perspectives.

The center, based in Navoi airport, will serve as a point connecting South-East Asia with Europe and help create new productions based on high technologies in the region.

The 18th year of Uzbekistan’s independence was proclaimed the Year of Rural Development and Improvement. As the President noted, all people’s lives closely depend on the rural development.

In the first half of 2009, 435 km of gas pipelines and 839 km of water mains were laid in rural areas, 2.9 million square meters of individual housing was built, 233 schools commissioned and 196 professional colleges and 18 academic lyceums were built.

The celebrations of the independence anniversary completed with bright holiday fireworks.

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