The Legal Bedrock of Our Free and Prosperous Life

A festive and official occasion timed to the 22nd anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan on December 5 at the Uzbekistan Palace of International Forums gathered state and public figures, representatives of sciences, culture and arts, the public of the capital Tashkent, embassies of foreign nations and offices of international organizations accredited in our country.

The hokim (mayor) of the city of Tashkent Ravshan Usmanov opened the festive event.

Following the sounds of the state anthem of the Republic of Uzbekistan, President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov delivered a keynote speech in the festive meeting.

The head of our state stressed in particular that the major provisions, principles and goals of the Basic Law constitute the foundation for an effective and refined legislative and legal base in the country, of the well-thought-out longer-term program for reforms, democratization and liberalization of the society renowned around the world as the Uzbek Model of Development, and of the cardinal transformation and modernization of the country.


Adopted 22 years ago on the basis of democratic principles, the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan has shaped and cemented the legal guarantees of a new society in the country.

The Basic Law serves as a normative backbone for the achievement of such noble goals as constructing a democratic nation set out from the very first years of our independence and built on market economy, securing human rights and freedoms and legitimate interests, forming a fair civil society.


The Constitution is accounted for as the basis of the tremendous achievements made by our people, of the peaceful and harmonious as well as prosperous life, of nurturing the young generation as healthy and comprehensively advanced individuals. After all, our Basic Law is an important guarantee for furthering such noble ends as the construction of a democratic state ruled by law, provision for the priority of human rights, peace and calmness.

Another significant peculiarity of celebrating the Constitution Day in Uzbekistan is the fact that priority dimensions of the further development of the country are defined on this day that reflect the graceful aspirations of our people, in line with which the title for the coming year is announced.

On the initiative of President Islam Karimov, the year 2014 was declared as the one of healthy child. On the basis of the correspondingly elaborated National Program, complex of measures have been implemented to foster a physically healthy and spiritually sound generation.


Extensive works have been undertaken during the year, building on the vital wisdom that a healthy child is born normally to a healthy and friendly family. As the head of our state stressed, the measures envisaged in this program have covered all the regions of our country. Along with that, active in its realization have been the representatives of governmental and nongovernmental organizations, social institutions, industrial enterprises, business and all those who mobilized all their capacities and powers for the achievement of such noble ends as nurturing a healthy generation, which is a bright confirmation of the fact that this idea has turned into a truly nationwide movement.

President Islam Karimov proposed to announce the coming year 2015 in our country as the Year of Care for the Senior Generation. The gathered expressed support for the proposal of the head of our state with a storm of applause.


The celebratory occasion ended with a festive gala concert with the performance of celebrities and young musicians.

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