President attends navruz festive events

Festive events timed to the Navruz, a holiday of creation, renewal and kindness, have been held at the Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan.  

The occasion has been attended by President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, members of government and parliament, outstanding figures of academia, culture, arts, sports, manufacturing leaders, entrepreneurs, veterans, diplomatic corps and representatives of international institutions accredited in Uzbekistan.  

The head of our state delivered a congratulatory address at the event.  

Uzbekistan’s leader conveyed his sincere greeting to the people of Uzbekistan on the holiday of Navruz. According to Islam Karimov, the spiritual wealth, the ages-old traditions and values of our people are manifest even brighter during Navruz days.  

Navruz is a holiday of benevolence, humanism, compassion. These noble qualities of our people are reflected in national customs and rituals, and they are particularly dazzlingly visible during festive days of the Navruz.  

The processes of transformation underway in our country testify to the enormous creative potential of our nation in the wake of the third decade of its independence, to the accomplishments made in economic, social and spiritual spheres, to the courage and determination of our leader who has been firmly leading the Uzbek nation on its chosen path of independence and development.  

As the head of our state notes, all our gracious aspirations are grounded on the idea of nurturing our children physically robust and spiritually sound, on the hope to see their happiness, their bright future.  

The festive event on the square of National Park ended with colorful fireworks. In towns and villages, all around the nation, Navruz festivities, holiday sayils are in progress. 

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Today: 29.09.2020
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