President Islam Karimov attends independence day festive occasion, delivers reynote
The Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan has hosted festive events in honor of the twenty first anniversary of our country’s state independence.  

The Uzbek people celebrate the great historic date – the twenty-first anniversary of national independence – with keen inspiration and excitement. This occasion brings about the sense of inestimable pride and happiness. This year’s greatest and dearest holiday is celebrated under the slogan “My Fate, My Fortune, the Native and Independent Uzbekistan”.  

On August 31, the square of Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan gathered the members of Senate and the Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis, government members, Heroes of Uzbekistan, science and culture figures, literary and art specialists, avant-garde of manufacturers, entrepreneurs, representatives of social organizations, embassies and international organizations accredited in our country.    

On the initiative of President Islam Karimov, the year Uzbekistan attained its independence, 1991, coincided with the celebration of the 550th birthday anniversary of our great ancestor Alisher Navoi, and hence that year was announced as the Alisher Navoi Year. Within a few days following the declaration of independence, namely, September 28, 1991, a new and even more magnificent monument to Alisher Navoi was opened in the capital city. This served as the dawn of extensive transformation and creative works.  

The year 1991 became a historic one for all the Uzbek people and the country, an important milestone in our history. This is the reason why it is deeply symbolic that the principal festivities in the celebration of Independence Day and Navruz are held in this very park  

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov entered the square at 7 pm under a standing ovation by the people who had assembled there.  

In his speech, the head of our state congratulated the people of Uzbekistan on the twenty first anniversary of our country’s independence.  

The current realities testify to the lonely correct path chosen twenty one years ago, a path of building a constitutional democratic state and a free civil society in the country. The policy course of cardinal reforms in all spheres of life which prioritizes human interests has demonstrated how wise it was then to opt for this path.  

This truth can be confirmed by each and every citizen of Uzbekistan on their own case, and by the comprehensive development boost in our urban and rural areas, the evident prosperity of the nation, the changed outlook of our people, and other feelings.  

As President Islam Karimov puts it, the self-consciousness begins with the study of history. A nation with its own history, traditions and values, and who honors them, has deep roots and builds power on potent sources, and wields ability to grow and advance dynamically.  

The fundamental reforms undertaken across areas under the leadership of President Islam Karimov during the independent development years have their own historical roots. The commanding legacy of our ancestors has been enriching with new content thanks to the striking potential of the current generation.  

The concert program that followed Islam Karimov’s speech included both the national folklore and the Uzbek contemporary pop music. The guests also enjoyed a few compositions from world classical music art performed brilliantly by the younger generation of local music connoisseurs.  

The free and prosperous Uzbekistan is our fortune and happiness. To glorify this generous land is a great joy. In songs sounding in the square to praise the free and prosperous land, exalted are our national independence, the happy life in an independent country, the creative potential of youth and enthusiasm, a boundless pride in the fact that we are brought up in this blessed part of the world.  

Ages will pass by, and new generations will come about, and the day Uzbekistan gained independence, embodying in itself the centuries-old dreams and aspirations of our forefathers, our people, and which has become a backbone for building a free and well-off country, that opened up infinite opportunities and promising prospects, will be written down in the chronicles of our nation with gold letters.  

Toward the end of festive event, color-rich fireworks decorated the sky above the square at Alisher Navoi National Park of Uzbekistan.

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Today: 12.11.2019
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