President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov signed an instruction on 9 December on the organizational measures to develop and implement the State Program “Year of Harmoniously Developed Generation”.

The document envisages implementation of a wide range of measures to create the opportunities and conditions in the country for raising healthy and harmoniously developed generation in connection with the proclamation of the year 2010 the Year of Harmoniously Developed Generation.

The program should cover the following priority areas:

  • improvement of the legislative base, introduction of the amendments in the existing legal and normative acts related to protection of the rights and interests of the children and youth;
  • expansion of measures to raise healthy generation, including the “Healthy mother – healthy child” program, improvement of the system of protection of reproductive health of mothers, children and teenagers, development of preventive healthcare;
  • ensuring rational and efficient use of the existing material and technical base in the educational system, reconsideration of the educational directions and specialties with consideration of the demand for specialists in the real sector, improvement of the state educational standards, programs and literature;
  • cardinal improvement of the quality of education in schools, professional colleges, lyceums and universities through wide introduction of the new information and communication technologies, providing educational establishments with the modern educational and laboratory equipment and computers, as well as stimulation of the teachers and tutors;
  • development and introduction of the modern information and communication technologies, digital technologies and the internet both in the educational sphere and in the day-to-day life;
  • promotion of the sports among the young people, construction of the new sports complexes and stadiums, providing them with modern equipment and qualified personnel;
  • development of measures to stimulate the small business and private entrepreneurship, attraction of the young people to this sector, especially in the rural areas;
  • development of science, creation of opportunities for attraction of the young people to the scientific activities, including through creation of a special fund for science and technology development;
  • strengthening the support of the young families, ensuring their legal and social protection, creation of conditions for the formation of healthy and strong families;
  • promotion of the healthy lifestyle among the young people, protection of the youth from drug use, immorality, negative influences and threats of various vices of the low-quality “mass culture”.

The instruction of the President envisages creation of the National commission to develop and implement the State Program. The commission, to be headed by the Prime Minister, should present the draft State Program for the next year in one month.

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